why counselling

My Approach

I trained as an integrative counsellor, which means I use a combined approach that brings together specific therapies tailored to your individual needs and personal circumstances. The most effective therapy does not come from theory alone, but the relationship that is built between client and counsellor and I aim to engage with you at a deeper level by listening and understanding your life experiences and walking the path with you.

What is trauma

Trauma is the response to a deeply distressing event that overwhelms an individuals ability cope, such as an accident, the loss of a loved one or abuse, which can leave you with both emotional and physical symptoms for many years after the event has ended. The traumatic event may have been experienced repeatedly over a long period of time or a single event that left you feeling powerless or unsafe. Whatever the trauma, feelings of isolation, denial, flashbacks, sleep problems, irritability and anger, are all common reactions which can leave you feeling exhausted and alone.

Humanistic therapies work towards developing your own personal growth mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by helping to identify your strengths in the ‘here and now’
Psychodynamic therapy explores how unconscious thoughts developed throughout childhood are manifested in a person’s present behaviour. Childhood experiences are extremely influential in the psychological development and behaviours of an adult.
Cognitive therapy works towards specific goals and is based around the way we think and behave. It is recognised that we can change our behaviours by changing the way we think about a situation